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About Us - Digital Marketing Experts


We Do

We utilize a full suite of Internet marketing tools and advanced analytics to ensure that our clients are in front of their target audience at all times.

We then closely monitor their market and competition, identify trends and leverage opportunities to help them succeed above their competitors. Unlike so many internet marketing companies, we carry the proper certifications, tools, and human resources necessary to offer a truly comprehensive solution to your search marketing needs. Our SEO team and gifted designers work harmoniously with account managers to bridge all communication gaps, so our clients enjoy exceptional support.

Your vision and needs always come first; which is why we don’t offer cookie cutter packages. Every service we offer is custom built around you – the client. We’ll help explain the technical definitions, narrow down and unveil the best options for your business and be there for you long after your campaign is initially launched.

Our Story

Direction Inc. was built to enhance the online presence of businesses through the application of state-of-the-art digital marketing strategies. The founder, Chris Kirksey, was on active duty in the United States Army when he established the company in August 2016. Together with a powerfully gifted team, the company has exponentially grown by providing record-breaking results unmatched in today’s digital market.

Here at Direction, Inc., we have a passion for helping businesses excel in the cutthroat competition for internet real estate. Based on proven results through ROI and brand growth, our digital marketing model has no room for empty promises. We have a library of case studies that only bolster this declaration. Our goal is to assist businesses across the Nation in their passionate pursuit to thrive. We achieve this aspiration by constantly updating our knowledge/skill base, and skyrocketing lead generation for all of our clients. As a full-scale digital marketing agency with B2B emphasis, we grow the brand identity and income of businesses across the Nation by crafting top-ranking, consumer-engaging websites.

Health, law, automotive, e-commerce and select home and business service-providers represent the primary industries in which we focus our efforts. We also embody our passion for startups in our superior digital marketing strategies.

Our Mission & Goals

The primary goal of Direction Inc. is to show business owners the potential of digital marketing in their long-term strategy and growth. We don’t just rank companies high in search results and call it a day. We go above just getting you found and ensure your business is the one chosen. We meticulously focus on conversions, ROI, and significant growth. We develop a loyal market for our clients by crafting an engaging web experience. We grant them the power to dominate their market.

Our mission is to earn and retain business by delivering straightforward, transparent services that continuously improve the online visibility of our clients. We do this through data-driven analysis, planning, and implementation of cutting-edge internet marketing technology. We’re proud to employ a friendly and results driven team that continuously promotes the success and well-being of our clients.

Our Values

Integrity: the guardrails that guide us.

We believe that if you succeed, we succeed, so we have your long-term interests at heart in everything we do. There’s no room in our business model for empty promises, corner-cutting, or shortsighted approaches and black-hat techniques that produce temporary results while doing more harm than good in the long run.

Individualization: more than a custom build.

We realize that businesses can be as different as the people who run them, so we offer innovative solutions optimized specifically for your business, not cookie-cutter approaches optimized for ours. This includes individualized account management – and of course a custom-built solution is only as good as the understanding of the client that it’s built on.

Understanding: a two-way street.

To help your business succeed and grow, we need to understand its mission, market, competitors, and more – but we also want to ensure that you understand us and our services. That means explaining not just the incredible potential of digital marketing, but also its limitations and complexities.

Excellence: where the rubber meets the road.

Proficiency in execution is paramount, so we hold ourselves to the highest standards of technical competency, best practices, and business knowledge in our areas of specialization. Our industry partnerships, certifications, cutting-edge tools, and innovative techniques are a few of the strengths that allow us to outperform our competition.

Value: going the extra mile.

In the end, results are what matter. Creating superior ROI and exceeding expectations for our clients means going beyond the expected to the exceptional. At Direction, we’ve created a customer-first, value-centric company culture that asks of every member of our team in everything we do: Is this creating value for the client? What’s best for the client?

Our Difference

We stand out from the competition through our active hand in the most critical elements of our client’s digital presence. We don’t outsource any of our projects; we handle everything in-house. Each client is personally managed by one of our digital marketing account managers, allowing us to leave no corners cut and no stone unturned.

The SEO industry is plagued by cheap, short-sighted start-ups doing more harm than good with “black-hat” SEO. Their mediocre content, underdeveloped websites, and cheap methodology leave the client in a worse position than they started. Unlike these criminal companies, we craft a long-term plan for maintaining a healthy SEO profile, and, in turn, providing business growth for years to come.

While we don’t promise a #1 Google rank by next week, we do guarantee a results-driven digital marketing/SEO approach that fosters natural business expansion. We keep up to date on the cutting-edge world of digital marketing strategy and technology to ensure that, as the digital realm evolves, your company evolves with it.

Direction Inc. is built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We understand and respect the time you’ve invested and the risks you’ve taken to escape the monotony of the wage-earning lifestyle. We are passionate about helping the inspired dreams of business owners come to fruition. Imagine if:

  • You were booked for months out
  • You could raise your service fees and product prices
  • You could say no to less than ideal clients
  • You could enjoy more free time while simultaneously reducing the stress of slow seasons

Direction Inc. doesn’t just sell marketing; we sell growth. We want to increase your reach so you can afford to hire more employees, allowing you spend more time with your families and hobbies. With the expertly-crafted digital marketing strategy we implement, you can kiss working late nights and weekends goodbye. Want to see what’s possible with Direction? – Contact us today!

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